Psychological benefits of Skateboarding.


Psychological benefits of Skateboarding.

Skateboarding, like any other sport, has a number of physical and psychological benefits. Physical benefits that one can get from skateboarding would be increased metabolism rate, body co-ordination and flexibility improvement, muscle strengthening in the knees and ankles, even the tendons and ligaments are strengthened. For you to be physically healthy, your mental health is crucial. We are now focusing only on the psychological benefits of Skateboarding. Frequent skateboarding will improve your confidence level. Only a well-designed skateboard with good skateboard wheels, will give you a smooth skateboarding experience. Smoother your experience is, more confidence it builds within you.

Here are some psychological benefits of skateboarding:

1. Like any other exercises, skateboarding stimulates the endorphins level in the body, which is known to lighten one’s mood. Depression symptoms will reduce remarkably with regular skateboarding. So, instead of taking pills for your depression, you should try skateboarding.

2. Skateboarding lowers the cortisol (stress hormones) levels in the body. Skateboarding helps you relax, and reduce your anxieties.

3. Skateboarding improves the oxygen consumption, through which your neurons in the brain will be nourished. This, in turn, improves your mental performance (concentration, thinking, problem-solving, etc.). Your memory will also improve.

4. Are you suffering from insomnia? Then you should try skateboarding. Skateboarding is said to promote deep sleep.

5. Your landing tricks, balancing techniques will bring a sense of accomplishment, and make you feel proud. Many “feel-good” hormones are released during this, which keeps you going. This winning spirit will help you achieve many other things in life.

6. When you are learning a new trick in skateboarding, it will demand more patience. You will not learn any trick for the first time. In a way, skateboarding helps you learn patience; and, this patience is useful in various situations of your life.

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