Good fat and Bad fat.


Good fat and Bad fat.

It is common for people to believe, that there is nothing like good fat and bad fat, and there is only one type of fat, that can make them look fat and not-so-attractive. Fat cells are often treated as villains.
Even if you feel the same, your mindset will change, by the time you finish reading this article.
Fat loss formulations always act on these good fat cells and increase their metabolic rate, which in turn burn more calories.
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There are two types of fat cells in the body, and those are brown fat cells and white fat cells.
Brown fat cells are rich in mitochondria and have high metabolism rate; These are the cells involved in energy production, in the form of ATP, and thermogenesis(heat production).Brown cells have multiple small liquid droplets within them.These cells are found in very less number, in adults. The mitochondria in the brown cells act on fatty acids in the presence of oxygen, to produce energy. Thermogenesis is an alternative pathway; that takes place through an uncoupling protein called thermogenin, which suppresses the Proton Motive Force(PMF) in the mitochondria, that is neccessary for energy production.
For these reasons, Brown fat cells are considered to be Good fat cells.

White fat cells have very fewer mitochondria when compared to the brown fat cells. White fat cells are the largest energy reserve in the body. They consist of one single liquid droplet. These are the predominant form of fat, found in the body. Accumulation of these cells usually occurs in thighs, belly, and hips. These cells act as thermal insulators to various body organs. These are the once, that make you look fat and are hence known as bad fat cells. It doesn’t mean; it should be completely eliminated from the body, but the white fat content must be kept in check.

Recent studies show that white fat cells can be converted to brown fat cells, and more calorie burning can be achieved through this.

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