Discover The Healthy Foods Which Are Recommended In 2016


Discover The Healthy Foods Which Are Recommended In 2016

We would all like to live a long and healthy life, but for many people, this dream can soon fade as aches and pains start to appear. Although some diseases humans can have are passed from one person to another, most occur in an individual?s body. Some of these health issues can be put down to DNA, but a lot can be due to lifestyle. Science is now showing that what we eat can have both long and short term effects on our health. This article lists a number of proven healthy foods recommended for you to eat in 2016 you can also go here and read directly diet to loose weight

The simple and very affordable lemon is a great health food. The main healthy ingredient in it is vitamin C, and a single lemon offers more than the daily recommended dose. It also contains minerals that can help to strengthen a person?s bones, and lower cholesterol. Citrus flavonoids may play a role in keeping certain cancers at bay. Lemon can be taken as a drink on its own, or use the juice as a salad or food dressing, it tastes great on fish.

The benefits of broccoli have been known for a long time. It is high in vitamin K, essential for the health of the body, and a single stalk contains all that we need in a day. Vitamin K helps with bone development and strength. This is another food that may help with cancer protection. Not everyone like broccoli. If that is the case, then dice it into small pieces, and add it to a pie or mashed potato.

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 oil. This oil is one of the good ones, and is used by our brains. Omega-3 helps brain cells communicate faster, when it is low in the body, omega-6 is used, which is a slower conductor. Wild salmon is better, but farmed still contains high amounts of this essential oil. Omega-3 is also linked to protecting us from heart disease.

Avocados are a great healthy food for 2016. They are not expensive, and have been proven to lower cholesterol by over 20%. This is enough to keep some people off cholesterol lowering medication. They are also full of healthy fiber, which helps the digestive system.

These four healthy foods are easy to add to a normal diet, and the benefits are huge.

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